SQL File Splitter

OK like most of you who manage multple sites from time to time your going to need to upload / import a large sql file to MySQL (the predomenant database solution for hosted websites). Like me you open the SQL file and see the 40,000 lines and sink into your chair with a sick feeling becuase your not sure where to start. Also if your using shared hosting for your site you probably have a 7MB limit on SQL uploads and imports (same thing). So what to do witha huge file that needs to be split, I asked the smae question and spent some time researching and I found the follwing utility. I didnt write this but I have thourghly tested it and it works great. In fact it saved me a ton of work several times now.

I looked for download link to the authors site but couldnt find it. And the original is in German, which I dont speak.


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