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RDP Enable version 3.0.1 - Updated 02.22.2012

Remote Desktop Enable Utility will enable Remote Desktop connections on remote servers. It will also change the port number that RDP listens on. This is good to add a layer of security in.

Enable Remote Desktop (RDP) if you forgot to do it when you built the system or if your working remotley and cant access the server. Also change the port number Remote Desktop listens on.



RDP has been updated to version 3.0.0. Powerful new features include-

  • Ability to enable remote desktop on systems that are on different domains. That means you can be at home or wherever on a computer that is not part of the domain you are accessing and still turn on RDP as long as you have a username and password with permission.
  • Add users to the "Remote Desktop Users Group" on any server/workstation you have access too.
  • Turn off RDP on any system you have access too.
  • Results window that gives you blow by blow stats on what is happening when you run the utility.


This is one of those "Must Have Utilities!"

I get emails from engineers all the time thanking me for this one, here are a couple...

"I like to support those who do little programs that can save me and my techs a lot of time in the field. Sometimes we have clients where we need 10-12 desktops RDP accessible from the internet - and this just makes it a breeze!" -Oly G .

"Got home last night and couldnt access the system I set up just before I left work! Your tool got me access easily, Thanks again!" -Scott L.

So if you need to access a system using RDP and it's not turned on here's the tool that will get the job done quick and easy.

Included with your purchase updates will be sent to you automatically for one full year!

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New RDP Training video!


Remote Desktop Enable overview and use.


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