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Log ParserlogparsersmLog Parser Utility is a revised version of the "Exchange Log Parsing tool". This is great for opening any text based file and searching through it. Especially good for cumbersome log files.

If you have to search through large log files or text based files this simple tool can be a huge help. It creates a separate file that it writes out the data your searching for (if found) too. This makes large files into small easy to manage files or reports however you want to look at it.

You can exclude data strings from the final results so you only get what you want or need.


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New Training Video!

LogParser Training Video

NOTE: Please remember you should be a local admin to run these tools. If you get an error upon opening the program and it's on your desktop then try putting it into it's own folder.

1. Open the utility (Log Parser).

2. Enter the string you want to search for.

3. Locate the files you want to search.

4. Set the line to include in report (if you want more than the first one)

5. Choose if you want to exclude any data or strings from your final output.

6. Choose the name of the output file (or leave at default).

7. Click on start.

A log file/text file containing any lines that have the data you searched on is created. If you want you can now search on your outputted file to even further narrow your results. For Detailed instruction follow this link - Detailed Instructions

NOTE: I have opened multiple large 20,000+ line log files with no problems. If you have used the Exchange Log Parser you will notice this tool is much faster. I have re-tuned the code to increase its performance as well added many enhancments..


Please remember you must be a "local admin" or a member of the "local admins" group on the system you are running the tools from.

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