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batchpasswordsmLocal Account Batch Password Change

This utility will change the password of local accounts on any Windows NT, 2000, 2003 server or workstation. Why is this important? Because this utility does batch changes.

Say you manage a medium sized network with 100 hundred or so servers, or maybe just 20 servers. One of the IT people leaves the company and you have to change the password to a local account on every server. Well fire up this utility and place a text file with the names of all the servers on the root of your "c" drive and in a few minutes, your done!




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1. Create a text file on the root of "C" (there's an example file if you click the "example" button).
2. Enter the names of the servers or workstations you want to change the local account password on.
3. Start the program and type the account name (the account on the server) in the "User ID" field.
4. Enter the new password
5. Enter it again (just to make sure)
6. Make absolutely sure you want to do this. Click "Change Password".
A log file of the changes will be placed at "C:\localpasswordchange.txt".

NOTE: This program will ping every computer on the list first to make sure its there. If it finds a system that's not online it will write that to the log. The you can go back to those systems to find out the issue.

Remember if your running a local firewall (windows XP built in firewall or such) then you may have a problem.

Please remember you must be a local admin or a member of the "local admins" group on the system you are running the tools



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