AD Move User Accounts

AD Batch Move UsersThis utility will move user accounts in Active Directory to a specified OU.
The main advantage of using this utility rather ADUC is this; you create a list of users or have HR give you a list of users. Then you point this utility to the program and tell it where you want them placed. The beauty is that the utility will search the AD for each account and no matter what OU they reside in (even multiple OU's) they will all be searched, found and moved to the one you specify.
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1. Create a text file with the users you want to move in it.
2. Enter the LDAP path you want to start the search in ( this should be as close to the root as possible).
3. Enter the target path (LDAP path of where you want them moved to).
4. Enter the path to the list of users (you can accept the defaults if you want).
5. Enter the path to the log file (you can accept the defaults if you want).
6. Click "Run"
NOTE: If your not sure the LDAP paths to your root domain or where you want the users moved to you can download the "Quick Domain Info" tool and get a good idea of the paths. Also the example is probably close to what you need.
As always a log file will be created telling you who moved where in case a mistake happens.


Please remember you must be a "local admin" or a member of the "local admins" group on the system you are running the tools from.

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