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This utility will create mail-enabled contacts or mail-enabled user accounts in Active Directory . Ether a single contact or multiple contacts. Also it can create them hidden from the address book. If you find this tool useful please think about a donation using the link below. Create a single mail enabled contact or user with just a few pieces of info (with or without a password). Create multiple mail enabled contacts or users from a list in just a few seconds. (Same password for each user or the program will create a random password for each one.) Very useful in domain integrations, find out how in the article "mergers, acquisitions and integrations". (coming soon)


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1. So fire up the program (it may take a few seconds if you are dialed in to your network because it gathers some domain info so you wont have to enter it.) Enter the contacts info (you can leave the description blank).

2. Click "Create" If you want to create multiple contacts then check the "Create Multiple Contacts" box. Click on the "locate list of contacts to use" button and locate the list.

3. The list needs to be in a csv file format. It can have any extension as long as the format is as follows: firstname,lastname,description,email-address

4. For full user account please use "firstname,lastname,userid,description,email-address" as follows -

5. You can leave the description field blank but you must have the commas there denoting it, i.e. "firstname,lastname,,email-address".

6. Click "Create"created in the "Users" container of your domain root by default. That is, if you do not modify the container name or path. You can move them to the OU you want when your finished.

7. Remember; when entering your "OU name' that the naming convention is as follows: for default OU's (the ones AD creates) the path is CN=whatever. For OU's that you create it is OU=whatever. Also if your OU path is buried in a sub-container you can enter the path as follows: OU=mycontainer,CN=Users OU=mycontainer,OU=myothercontainer The password options must be set if you are creating a "user account" and not just a "contact". The log path for the log file option in the password screen is only for choosing the path. You cannot set the file name, it is pre-set.

Extra Notes:

Remember that "Users" is the default location and this is a "Canonical Name" or "CN". If you are placing the contacts in a folder you or someone else has created then the path will be "OU=xx" as this is an "Organizational Unit".

Also if you are creating multiple contacts you will need to select "Mailenabled User" or "Mail Enabled Contact"

Note the Mail Password function is not enabled yet, this will be in the next version. Also there is a sub-domain limit of 3. That means if the domain your working in is "" or "" or "" your ok, but past that it will fail.


Please remember you must be a "local admin" or a member of the "local admins" group on the system you are running the tools from.

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