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If you have ever administered Microsoft Exchange server then you have had to look through the message tracking logs...arg!!!!! They can be exlogparsersmridiculously large and it's painfully monotonous to scan through them (if not down right impossible).

This tool is good for:

1. Searching Exchange Message Tracking logs

2. Bonus!! Even though I wrote this for Exchange logs, it will work with any text file!






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1. After you download this utility open it wherever and point it to your message tracking logs.
2. Enter the text you want to search for (basically any pattern, a word, symbol, email address)
3. Decide where you want the parsed file (that's the data it pulled out) to go (or accept the default)
4. Choose if you want any email addresses excluded from the search.
5. Click "Start"

Ok so now the script starts reading line by line and searching each line for the "data" you entered. If it finds a line with the pattern you entered it copies that line to a new text file unless it also finds the "address" you asked it to exclude in the same line. Then it just ignores it.

NOTE: I have opened txt based files as large as 45 megs with this, it took a little while but it worked flawlessly, let me know if you have trouble with larger files.


Please remember you must be a "local admin" or a member of the "local admins" group on the system you are running the tools from.

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