Security lock down script

As always the code presented here is for instructional purposes. These scripts will most likely need to be modified to run in your environment. Also as I believe firmly in "re-usable code" you may find pieces of your scripts incorporated into mine. If so and you would like credit use the "email me" link and let me know. I'll be happy to add your name. Likewise if you use my code in a public forum please give me credit.

NOTE: You can copy and paste the code below to a text file, just change the extension to ".wbt" so it will run in Winbatch.

About This Script: This utility was written to use for locking down systems as they were being built and for engineers to use as they visited systems. It was written for NT and 2000 systems but can be easily updated for 2003. The security measures implemented are taken from the NSA's web site. This is more of an example of what cool things you can do to make your IT dept more efficient and automated.


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