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As always the code presented here is for instructional purposes. These scripts will most likely need to be modified to run in your environment. Also as I believe firmly in "re-usable code" you may find pieces of your scripts incorporated into mine. If so and you would like credit use the "email me" link and let me know. I'll be happy to add your name. Likewise if you use my code in a public forum please give me credit.

NOTE: You can copy and paste the code below to a text file, just change the extension to ".vbs" .

About This Script:
This is a VB logon script. This is taken from the logon script solution page ( This is a good starting place for a logon script. It was used in this basic form at a 600 person company ,with slight modifications, very successfully. Coupling this with GPO is a very powerful way to manage your desktops and servers.


Logon Script Deployment

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The Logon script process is the same in almost every situation. End users call a batch file or VBScript that runs commands on their local system.



So first lets determine what kind of scripted logon process you want to use..


As far as best practices there are only two types I would try to implement, dos batch files or VBScripts. The later being my preference.


Active Directory Quick Info Utility

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This utility gives you quick access to info about the domain your logged onto. Not to exciting but I have found it useful occasionally.

If you find this tool useful please think about a donation using the link below.

Helps you learning the LDAP paths to portions of your AD. with out using any command line utilities (Handy for scripting)


To Run it just double click the exe file.

Please remember you must be a local admin or a member of the "local admins" group on the system you are running the tools

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