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  • Active Directory Group Policy Health Check Items (Part 5)
    In Part 4 of this article series, we explained methods available to backup domain GPOs. We explained two common GPO backup methods that are GPMC and Backup-GPO PowerShell cmdlet. Although the most preferred method is to use GPMC, but in case you need to script GPO backup operation, you can always use Backup-GPO PowerShell cmdlet.
  • Improving Security with Credential Guard (Part 3)
    This article concludes the series on Credential Guard, by examining the process for enabling the protection of credentials.
  • CloudTrail: Your Walmart for AWS logs.
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a large number of cloud-based products that enable organizations to perform cloud computing. In fact, the product offering is so large that AWS has become synonymous with infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Based on the actions they perform, AWS product offerings are grouped under broad categories such as compute, storage, and databases.
  • Revisiting Server Manager
    With some help from a Senior Premiere Field Engineer (PFE) at Microsoft we re-examine Server Manager in this article and learn why sysadmins may want to give this tool another chance.
  • Active Directory Group Policy Health Check Items - (Part 4)
    This is the Part 4 of “Active Directory Group Policy Health Check Items” article series. In Part 1 of this article series, we explained a list of Group Policy health check items that we think it is necessary to include your Active Directory health check procedure.