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running /Prepare

This link is to the page that goes into detail on the Schema update (it can be a little confusing so I pasted the steps below):


You must perform these steps with an account that is a member of the Enterprise Admins and Schema Admins groups. The server that you run the update from must reside in the same Active Directory Site as the Schema Master.

1. Download the Exchange Server 2010 files from Microsoft and extract them to the server. Launch a Command Prompt and run the Exchange Server 2010

2. If you have an Active Directory with multiple Domain Controllers you should wait for the new schema to replicate throughout the network before proceeding.

  • Run “ setup /PrepareAD” command from an Active Directory site with an Active Directory server from every domain (you only need to run this on 1 domain controller in every domain).
  • Run the first server role installation or Exchange 2010 service pack upgrade from an Active Directory site with a writeable global catalog server from every domain.
  • Verify that replication of objects from the preceding actions is completed on the global catalog server in the Active Directory site before installing the first Exchange 2010 server (or SP1 upgrade) to that site.

NOTE: If you run the Exchange 2010 Setup wizard with an account that has the permissions required (Schema Admins, Domain Admins, and Enterprise Admins) to prepare Active Directory and the domain, the wizard will automatically prepare Active Directory and the domain. For more information, see Install Exchange Server 2010

This will allow you to skip the above step but you will have to wait for the first Exchange Server to be built to perform the upgrade. It’s up to you.

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