Who Am I?

Name: Chuck Arconi

I have been an Systems administrator / network engineer (whatever you want to call it) for about 18 years. I started in my own business in 1992 in Fremont Ca, I sold that and went into consulting where I honed my skills in some very large environments. I have worked mainly with Microsoft products over the years. And for the last 6 years I have spent at least 70% of my time working with data archiving  and messaging systems (mostly Symantec Enterprise Vault and MIcrosoft Exchange) and Active Directory. Along the way I picked up some serious scripting skills as well.

I left the consulting section in 1999 and went to work for a medium sized Bio-Tech company in Santa Clara, Ca. They went from about 250 people when I started to more than a thousand in about 2 years. I learned some very big lessons about IT and computing infrastructure growth and how to put scalable system together during my time there. Currently I am consulting for a South Bay firm and my primary focus is data archiving systems.


Why This Site?

I found that many times I would be called by an associate or friend and asked to come to work for them, one of the first things I would be asked is "can you script this for us?" Being able to script even with batch files is a very powerful tool for any administrator, I would even go as far to say that it is a must have skill if you want to be successful in the IT industry performing system administration functions.

Other engineers, friends and co-workers were/are always asking for me for my utilities or to make a new one for them. Some said I should put these out there for others to use. So I put this site together and the rest is histiory, now it has grown over the last 7 years to be a very "visited" IT website. So I hope you like it and I hope it makes your day a littlle easier!

If you woul like see my full resume please follow this link